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i finally saw shaolin soccer. hiroyuki & i always had plans to watch it, what with him having a copy, but i never did. i'm not sure i regret that- seeing it on a big screen was a pleasure. what a brilliant movie. dance numbers? team evil? i'd rave, but i don't want to spoil anything. favorite scene? is when team evil's kicker is about to take on mui as goalie, & the clouds above him make a demonic face that then is absorbed into the ball? man i want to do that all the time!

also, when did i become "the man?" i mean, what the fuck, when did i become the distillate of the white man's corporate slavery of urban blacks? it turns out i am, i bet you didn't know. these people get on the train last night at four in the morning (4:00 am) & they are screaming. screaming insane things! the obviously mullato girl keeps insisting she's white because a white man loves her! & keeps calling the guy she is arguing with a nigger! then she points at me & says something about how she's white, which is why a white man is looking at her! & that i think the other guy is a nigger!! then that guy responds by pointing at me & saying he doesn't care what i think! what the fuck is going on!!

we met up with carla & andrew at the dojo's on fourth (4th). fourth (4th) & what, i don't really know. its basically on the park. doesn't everybody know where it is? so we all meet there, after loads of argument on the telephone. we order a pitcher of bass, andrew orders the chopstick salad, & the rest of us get the hijiki-tofu. hijiki-tofu from dojos is without equal, in my experiance. the waitress even gave us an extra ramikin of the sauce, which has never happened previously, but astonished us all.

after our meal, we walked to the landmark theater on houston. i've walked past it time & time again, but never been inside. its actually really nice- i guess my experiance with the ceder-lee made me think it would be a dump with really tiny screens. nope, tis a real theater. (but hey, while i'm at it, i was a big fan of the centrum back in the day. ) everybody juggles their drinks, loading up gingerale & sports drink bottles with vodka. we watch the movie in amazement with the audiance. what a great film.

after the movie we decide to catch a drink, but no-one wants to go to a crowded saturday night sort of place. but i know an out of the way bar in this neighborhood! how do you like them apples! its welcome to the johnsons, & after everybody second guesses my vauge memories of how to get there, we find out that its just where i said it was. while we are there mostly we drink pabst blue ribbon (pbr). not because we are mesh hat wearing assholes, but because its cheap. i give mr. the fallen optimist (serial journal deleter) a call & he rides his bike over. andrew & him & myself spend our time making secret notes & then whipping them across the bar. jenny gets in on the action a little bit. then mr. the fallen optimist & i unzip our pants & let it all hang out. at some point he becomes convinced that carla hates him because he touched my crotch. uh, i don't think that happened? the her getting mad, i mean. its hard to say though. he is an extremely unlikable fellow.

i do somersaults across the street, cutting up my hand in the process. we plan on splitting up & going home. the fallen optimist does. but when it comes time to hail a cab, we get in with andrew & carla. we like them alot, jenny keeps saying. its true, the are our couple friend. our cab driver gets into a fight with another cab driver, but its mostly an uneventful ride. when we get there, their dog claudio is really happy to see jenny. he likes jenny an awful lot. she's been getting an awful lot of time with dogs lately. i keep having to tell her we can't have one. so we are at andrew & carla's apartment. thats pleasent & there are cocktails, but eventually its fucking late & its time to go home. its just so fucking late.

jenny decides she wants to walk to 59th from 90th (fifty-ninth from ninetieth). when we finally get into brooklyn, i remind her that its a straight shot home from pacific, so we leave the station & walk home from there. i almost break into the macsweeny's superhero shop. i want to be their villian already! & i want a cape. shit, i liked that somethingawful article about online games, & that superhero one where they just don't have capes? & so everything the reviewer said about the game ended with "without wearing capes." i like capes- i like capes as slang for superheros. i chase her around alot, too. chasing is fun.

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