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the soundlessness of objects colliding in space.

while h.p. lovecraft talked at length about the non-euclidian appearance of dread r'yleh, no one has drawn the obvious parallel to the literally non-euclidian house on ash tree lane. though to say this is to mistake my point for another: navidson's house is not also secretly an island in the pacific. rather, i mean to suggest that the house, like great cthulhu, is asleep. it stirs in its slumber, true, but its tenuous connection with the world navidson knows (a world no less strange to him, despite his familarity with cruelties) is one single umbilical hallway. perhaps navidson's house is waiting to be born. the house, in a way, is the inverted reflection of the tom & navy. it is the immortal medusae to the very mortal sthenno & euryale. will navidson himself is the template for this, the perfect gorgon who turns things to stone, freezing them where they were with his camera. the house turns its gaze on itself- despite its protean format, nothing about it really changes- for all the lengthening of stairs (kaidan in japanese, a word that also means ghost story) or closing of doors, the house remains pristine, invoilate, devouring explorer's provisions & reflective tape in hours. as for convivial tom, well. it is within his rich internal life where his fierce gaze is focused, turning all the good moments into eternal fantasies trapped in amber.

like medusa, sthenno, & euryale, their family is rent asunder.

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