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if billy dee williams became the mayor of new york city, would he build giant repulsor engines & lift it into the clouds? i heard that was his bid for the new world trade center design. bespin- where rouge's & princesses fall in love: that could be the motto. also, where darth vader chops of his kid's hand. i like mottos.

speaking of things i like, lets talk about something i loathe. i'll give you a hint. it is shaped like something japanese, has the nibblet wordling "mid-" in it, & does not refer to midgard, mid-world, or anything else but "term." my reclusive partner? yeah, not a clue as to his whereabouts. he played phone tag with me exactly during the hours i told him i wasn't available. okay. i slapped together a little over four (4) pages of poorly considered tomfoolery. its all printed out & hilighted & everything. so i come off looking kind of responsible, right? i've got my shit together! i'm the man, like archie. my ideal would be that this guy doesn't even show up for class. i would look like a real fucking champion then!

i took another lab practical today in osteology. i think i probably rocked it like a hurricane. there were a few tuberosities on a clavicle that i was confused over, but even after looking at my notes & manuals, i'm still not sure what they were. thus, i'm confident in my inferances. after class i bailed so i could mumblingly reherse my script. just, you know, in case. in case the world doesn't end in the next hour (1:00).

what is up with base six (6) chronology, anyhow? i mean, okay, babylon you are great & all, but seriously, what kind of fucking civilization uses base twelve (12). i mean, you clearly have ten (10) fingers. its pretty fucking obvious. i'm not ragging you, i just don't get it. did robspierre make up a metric clock? probably- that guy thought of pretty much everything. what a hero for post-humanism. shame he was just a little bit to early.

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