mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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the red tides spells out your doom if you know how to read it.

i want to whip a rattlesnake at your face from ten feet (10') away. just chuck that slithering thing at your unprotected head. i want you to see the venom spray like the pacific breaking on a cliff wall. to see you become a crater the way a crater becomes you (by which i mean, yucatan you, you fuck). don't you ever think i'll let it slide. i'll pretend i'm letting it slide but maybe one day i won't. just think about that. if i ever get the chance i'm taking it. i'll ring around you, rosie. i'll theatre del'arte you back into the stone age. i'm the octopus mother & you are in my egg-laden cavern. i will rend you into pieces.

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