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scholastic update.

effing dammit. so, osteology everything is hunky-fucking-dory. i got my recent lab practical back & i'd gotten an a on it. things are coming along nicely with the carpal bones, too- it helps me to think of trapezius as greater multiangular & trapezoid as lesser multiangular. trapezoid just sounds smaller. i got my mid-term today; its a take home that i have all of spring break to do. okay, check.

japanese is a little less fucking stable. i mean, i plow through it somehow. i got two a's & one b on my most recent homework asignment. somehow. so that is something to tuck in my cap. but the big trouble (tm) now is the midterm. which somehow was today. oh, don't get me wrong, thats insane, but wait for the punchline. its the performance of a dialouge that you've written yourself. see, everyone else knew about it; they've had this professor since begining japanese one. they've been paired up since the first moment they walked into the classroom. i uh, found out about it today. which is the first day of presenting. oh lovely is the day.

so i've been ham-handedly partnered up with lester. lester (&, now, i'm making some assumptions & guesses here, but not many) is the sort of guy who wears suits (true) to class & tries to get his classmates in on his pyramid schemes (partially true- maybe his bussiness ventures are 100% above board? yeah...) & writes things in the margins of his notes like "when life gets tough, get tougher & so on. he also asks these really weird questions in class. like, maybe he's good at japanese, maybe he's awful at japanese, & maybe he's just stalling for time in class? eh, i don't know. i guess i'm kind of good at the stuff i need to do to do this? but i'm not ecstatic by any means.

post-proceedural historical ecology is charming is always.
i need to write an english proposal for my final paper soon.

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