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jesus saves, m kills.

i wonder what it is that compells us to take pictures of ourselves trying to jump to our deaths in niagra falls. i keep saying us but i don't know what us i'm talking about. i wasn't there, but heavens knows how many pictures there are somewhere of me in that familiar pose, leg thown over the fence, body poised on the verge of a leap. that smile on my face. have people time out of mind done this? before there were fences, did north american aborigines mime throwing themselves in? why is the television show wonderfalls not adressing this issue? would a robot be compelled in this same way if it could think? does bjork know something i don't know? its become a habit she says. the hobgoblin of consistancy. i like goblins, thus i must like throwing myself off cliffs.

i speak of malice & death. hear me.

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