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last night was the last night of homo sapien dominance on this planet. i hope everybody human got a few drinks in, at least. the hybrid population (the aptly named project nephilim) has now officially gained enough numbers to the point where they & their super-crusher genes will outbreed & outlive all the peoples of this world. can't say i'm sorry. in celebration, antonio & jenny & i went to that bar on avenue b (ave. b) & fifth street (5th st.) again to meet up with peter & victoria. olivia also showed up- before victoria in fact. ah, the charms of underage girls are never to be estimated. victoria's brother also showed up- he seemed to know what the fuck was up. i support that kid. & i guess adrian showed up, but only as we were on our way out; we had a curfew, on account of our recent conversion to uh...branch davidians. thats the ticket.

& golly, i feel a wreck this morning. i mean, mostly tired or whatever, but i just feel like giving up. maybe its just a response to a sequence of late nights, far from home. its that i'm feeling defeated. i want to just throw in the towel on japanese. i gave it the old college try, pun sadly & desperately intended. early mornings where i'm recovering from buckets of beer don't combine well with my tendencies to blow off school. man, i want to blow it off so hard. i must be the big bad wolf. i'll huff, & i'll puff, & i'll blow your house down. oh but see there is the fact that the nautilus survived extinction, while the amonite did not. its strange what i take comfort in. if i was a lard-ass welfare mother i might take my comfort in chubby hubby ice cream or whatever, but as it stands, i mostly think about extinction level events & murder on a personal scale.

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