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feeling very medusa this morning. by which i mean in relations, incompletness. that "i'm the unfortunately mortal counterpart to sthenno, & euryale too." it "sucks," ("blows the big one") to be not only missing two thirds of yourself, but also be alienated in fundamental ways. & i mean, what can you say about that? there it is, & thus endeth the world? because as far as i can see, there is going to be a strict fucking causal relationship. between these candy-coloured eyes of angels & the black cape of m. perched atop a skyscraper, i'll draw my silhoutte over the world like a hand over a dead man's eyes. lets drink only blood & eat only ashes.

there is a book at work called a hand in the bush. the subject of this book is vaginal fisting. discussions of the fat hippie men & mullet wearing lesbos illustrated in it are funny enough, but the jewel in the crown is the FISTING POEMS section. just the exsistance of said chapter is good enough for me.

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