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one day we woke up & 80% of the world's population was gone.

lance corporal antonio has arrived on the scene, fresh from his battles in north africa. yet the courtly life of victorian new york chafe him not! for i did see him mingle, when we & miss jenny were sluming in the villiage. avaunting along to a saloon to celebrate the birthdays of some of miss kira's (& subsequenly miss jenny's) friends. drinks were had at rififi's, while they showed episodes of "the avengers" on the wall. i was the epitome of decorum. the music hailed from olden times, but there was much dancing, & even a little dancing by yours truely. also, there was an opportunity to hang out with courtney love, but consider her snubed! snub you, kurt-killer! instead we came home, where lance corporal antonio & i (a private citizen of some small report) watched school of rock & dranka wine until the sandman called.

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