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i just found out about this yesterday, but apparently john fucking constantine is going to be fucking american & living in fucking los angeles in the movie rendition. & played by keanu reeves, but i can reserve judgement on that; i mean, dye his hair blond & who knows? tom cruise played a great lestat. but john fucking constantine is british. it is important, that bit. i mean, john contantine is to london what spiderman is to new york, what batman is to gotham. & john fricking constantine says shit like "lift" & "wc" & above fucking all, john constantine calls people "love." what is the american version going to say? "dude?"

john constantine is one type of hero i can respect. him & batman & captain nemo. they pick a line & defend it. they recognize ambiguity & they live with it, but they say "this far & no farther." maybe john's line is blurry, maybe it ranges from saving the world to getting revenge on the killer of his ex-girlfriend, but there it is. john is what you'd call a bloke who knows what is what. he knows his game & he plays it.

i guess i also respect opponants who see in perfect black & white. oh superman. lex luthor is just a man trying to make his way in the world. a human who can't fly, who isn't invulnerable. but you can't see that; to you he is just another supervillian who needs to be dealt with as mercifully as possible (but not more). you gigantic spit-curled bastard, i'm glad you are too much of an idiot to compromise. but come judgement day i'll still put you down like a rabid dog. its for your own good as much as mine.

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