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within the arc of the sword of damocles (orbital bombardment system)

i lost my virginity on a bathroom floor.

everybody was so busy trying to save jenny from me, everybody was so busy like bees. but i'm not allergic to venom or sting. hell, who knows what i am allergic too. besides dustmites. so the two of us couldn't get a room alone to ourselves, not ever. or well, not a bedroom: there are 22 types of rooms as determined by goblin-science, & where we ended up is one of them, i confess.

& i mean, it wasn't my fault. when you are making out with the hottest girl ever (whom you have a sneaking suspicion you are falling in love with, though that scene won't play out for another two years) & she says "i want you to put it inside me" or whatever poetry it was that came out of her mouth? what are you supposed to say? though i suppose i've said no since. but not to her, not to the girl as solid in my mind as a tombstone. so we went into the bathroom, & into the bathroom we went. we came together & there was no blood.

it was later that we had our second first kiss.

the story is much less mortifying now than it was once upon a time.

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