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i'm sort of half-tame now. like a wolf whose been housebroken. a pet you still have to keep an eye on lest it eat the baby & take off. i used to resent jenny for this. this lower level of danger in my days. i have since realized that i wouldn't fuck around with this relationship stuff with someone who couldn't hold her own. she's not the boss of me but she sure is good at getting me to do what she wants. oh fucking babylon. i have feet of pig iron, not of clay. come get kicked, shadrack & abendigo. meshack, you can hang. you always were the cool one.

fyi, i am sixty-five million (65,000,000) years old.

i first masturbated when i was fifteen (15). i guess i was a late bloomer or whatever, because i didn't loose my virginity till i was nineteen (19) & then i lost it to the girl i'm living with now. back to flogging the bishop; i guess i just wasn't all that compelled by biology. even when i did start, it was mostly to stall for time; it was easter & i really didn't want to go to church. i never want to go to church.

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