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kiss me gorgeous.

so, yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. i didn't even have to use my ak-. i did anyhow, but it was because i wanted to, not because i had to. i admire in all ways rampant, consequenceless violence. i met up first with wetwork, everybody's favorite lesbo. we had some drinks & ended up getting our faces chewed off my a television. man, tv in bars is something fierce.

after that, there was cocktail hour in my post-proceedural archeology class again. some folken (& folka) were talking about archeobotany & archeoarchitecture. which was pretty rad, if occasionally sleep inducing (drinks in dark rooms that are a little bit too warm can do that to a brother). i don't know if anyone else was thinking about it, but i was thinking about the vampire haikus.

i must make a confession. i fucking adore the gillmore girls. they are charmingly chatterlicious! rory with her giant fucking noggin, laurali with her constant eyes at gruff old luke. & all that fucking reparte! i <3 gillmore girls so much i make jenny tape it for me, since i'm rarely home in time to see it. which is what happened last night. then we watched america's next top model, & when shandi acted a damn fool & had fuck-time with the italian gigalo, jenny was like "don't get mad at me!" & i didn't.

after that, we drew a bath. which my lunatic girlfriend decided it would be fun to take while wearing her bathing suit? make no mistake however. it was in fact a sexy bath. bathing suits make for places to put your hands under, which i did, & bodies make for moist places to put your fingers in, which i did. we ended up fucking on our knees in the tub. lines like "don't you dare fucking come yet!" et al. were in attendance. then we soaked in the tub till i turned into the sleepiest m ever. yet that was not the end of the fucking. there was sleepingest m ever, all tied up like a shoelace!

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