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'cause he has a side-kick.

shit, i've got the naked girl blues- my lovely fucking girlfriend wandering around the apartment all this morning without a stitch of clothing on. & me having to go to osteology for a lab practical (which i did well on, thank you very much, because i am a fucking motherfuck of a fucking genius, fuck fuck). she came this close to getting molester (sic). sick sick sick, the things i'd do to her. in a motel. like we're fucking adulterers.

there is this girl in my osteology class that is now like, part of my group or whatever? though i hardly have a group; at 9:25 i hardly have a personality. i'm just a sociopath breezing through life looking at bones. but anyhow, this kind of chubby girl either has mind-blowingly perky tits, or she wears a push-up bra everyday. & push-up bras are uncomfortable, arn't they? or something? i don't know. also, the professors daughter was hanging around the classroom- she's probably a freshman or whatever, at some school in baltimore, but i totally flirted with her. passing the time or something. fuck. fuck. or something.

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