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man, fuck seven thirty (7:30 am).
spent my evening with mr. the fallen optimist & internet personality ravenface. oh, i guess also the girl who sells mr. the fallen optimist drugs was there for a little while. mostly matt & i ran at each other & collided, but there were also parts where we yelled about a piece of circuit board matt ripped out of a pinball machine, too. high-ho, high fucking ho. its off to fucking work i go. work was good, but all the fucking deaths hovered too long in the "almost" catagory. i almost stomped on that mouse, i almost cut victoria's face with a razor blade.

in a little more than an hour, i have a lab practical on vertebrae. it will be a mix of retardedly easy & stupidly difficult, because the teacher clearly lacks the ability to make up an exam that tests things worth knowing. so like, one question will be "what is the name of the body of this vertebrae (centrum)" & another will be...i dunno, something ridiculous, probably about a transitive vertebrae. something that only exsists in text books. at least the fat awful girl is in the hospital, so i will probably never have to see her again in my life.

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