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me against the world.

this is a LOVE LETTER to my post-proceedural archeology class. because man, they were not joking about drinks. thanks for the beer, teacher dude! we had a speaker come in from edinburgh, talking about tephrachronology- mostly in regards to sveinbjarnardottir in iceland. plus, slides of crater lake? icing. suck on your jealousy, everybody.

i just rewatched cabin fever with jenny, & it wasn't as...i guess just raw gory as i remember. when i saw it the first time, it was in antonio's apartment with about 8 people crammed in, & i got really overheated & swoony, so i guess that explains things? like, i didn't feel well, physically, & once again confused that for emotions? also, angelo badelemnti looks like nothing i'd ever have guessed.

um, & i saw freaky friday, & re-read stephen king's dark tower cycle as far as its gone (well, not really; i'll get wolves of the calla any day now). & also read the mothman prophecies. see, i like the movie; i like the movie a fucking lot. it feels like my life mostly. the book however is one of the worst things i've ever read. right now i'm reading strange creations: abberant ideas of human origins from ancient astronauts to aquatic apes. eat your heart out feyerabend!

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