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misanthrope (a lot of the things i've said i've meant).

i feel like a train wrecked itself on the temple of me. man i'm fucking sick. but i dragged myself out of bed & to hunter for the express purpose of attending japanese. i'm such a fucking trooper. i feel like i've been huffing nail polish- i'm light on my feet, but as in light as a feather, as in i'm blown helter skelter by the wind. contantly toppling like the tower of babel.

oh, so like a weak ago, i was called a rascist through an oblique literary refrence. a professor came in & was being weird about his book order, & after i was done talking to him someone was like "what the fuck (wtf) was that about?" & while i was explaining it to him, this black lady came up to the counter, & was like "ralph ellison! i know you can see me!" i was like "uh, can i help you?" it wasn't till later that i put together the ralph ellison invisible man thing. & i mean, i really only ignored her for about five (5) seconds, but i still was called a rascist! which is pretty awesome. lady, i ignored you because you were a customer, not because i care what color you are!

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