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holy shit, i'm turning into an authentic cowboy.

turns out i have to get a physical before they'll let me into the gym here. here i thought all i had to do was muster up the motivation & i'd be sitting pretty. a school rent-a-cop told me i needed to go to a full on doctor (dr.) but i'm pretty sure i just need to see a school physician. once they look at my tongue to see if its got spots on it (it doesn't), then i'll be in & ready to get back to my fighting weight. though filling out the portion of the form i had to was pretty awesome: have you ever broken any bones? / have you ever had surgery? required an explanation, & it is pretty bad ass to be able to say that i've had facial reconstructive surgery. getting my skull shattered pans out in a raw, seething sexuality. or so i like to think.

i was promised snacks & drinks tonight at my pomo archeology class. innuendo was, there would be drink drinks. jackie o. style drinks. i do not know if someone was joking when they said this thing, but they had better not have been. cocktails are nothing to joke about. puppets you can joke about; a bar, dead babies, polish people, blondes, these are some things to joke about. a whole list for you to pick & choose from, you horrible taunting classmate. cancer, too. jesus saves for half damage. some things are funny; funny ha-ha, not funny like a mysterous thing that washes up on the beach.

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