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wakai uchi wa, nan de mo heiki datta ga ne.

there is an insect within your spacesuit.

if you struggle, turn to page 13.
if you allow it to penetrate you, turn to page 27.

i feel like i am discovering all kinds of layers in exsistance. more than just that spectral phantasmagory i'm always walking through. sort of a psa "did you know" kind of life is what i've got, but of course its all fight clubed: did you know that kaiwa means both stairway & horror story? did you know that you can use sea gull feces for important ingrediants required to make gunpowder? etc. i suppose its the glow-worm thread that hangs it all together (like a noose? like an angel, keeps my feet off the ground?) it's laquer on the skull; the patina over things. the shape of a wasp hive built in zero-gee (0-g). it's this slip of a girl, right? what am i talking about? what the fuck am i talking about. organ grinders.

i've got this piece of broken glass for a soul, & its all i've got.
& if you get near me i'll cut you with it. i'll slice you to ribbons.

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