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choke on this, you fucker. you total fucker.

dear air traffic controler: please let all planes crash.
i want to adopt children from the third world & just fucking sacrafice them. except sacrafice implys that i have some greater goal in mind, some lovecraftian bit of buggery i want to drag forth from the other side of the sky. in truth, i just mean murder, i mean the messy destruction of something weaker than i am. no bullshit about innocence or purity, no glib lines about the crushing of potential or some such sludge. i want to kill something that can't even struggle. something so fragile i can't help but destroy it. drop the crown of its head, dash its brains out on cobble stones or asphalt. that & smacking bitches. word. shit, i just cheered myself the fuck up. now look at my grin & despair.

bad movies recently seen: freddy vs. jason, underworld, johnny english.

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