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the sky in those latter days hung like a jack o' lantern who's candle flaggered, a swelled mass of hydrogen, halloweenily lighting the clouds up like clusters of pumpkin guts, the pale hunter-killers raining down on hive-cities like seeds. at night, no moon shone, having long ago been brought to ruin, in the Great War of Succession. these starlight streets were prowled by the 7th race, & others, things both eyeless & lumenescent, blind to their own glory.

in the sheltered nook of a crater, a mass of organic algorithms tried to figure out just how to get her ration pack open. considered "unaware" by even the lowliest of the uplifted organisms, she was safely beneath the radar of entire civilizations. other more modern races had conquered her, of course- the nanites were inescapable on homeworld by then- but for all intents & purposes, to all Players, major & otherwise, the girl was a footnote tallied only remotely by their omniscience.

i still killed her personally. because that is the kind of hands-on mahdi i am.

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