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mordicai + $2025

so uh, have at you, avaunt & imma fucking kill you, brooklyn. i'm a prince of your streets & a benefactor of your free money. give me a i'm the olive in this big city martini, you know what i'm saying? typical bad boy shit. gangster gangster, rat-a-tat-tat. knock over all the pharmacies when i'm in town. tumble the banks to the ground & only the lonely vaults of their secret heart will remain, lock boxes filled with love letters, wwii tropheys, family heirlooms & crowns. i'll waltz the fuck into 'em & i'll wear all the crowns & knowingly, laying my finger aside my nose (like st. nick) i will say "in swahili, crown is ade."

in further news, since when did it become "evil" to make pacts with devils? mr. mephistopheles is there a doctor in the house! & plus, telling the legions of hell about the antichrist is just basically redundant, you know? "find the nearest woman named julia. she is the whore of babylon. the black dog runs at night."

had these honest-as-fuck david lynch dreams last night, these seething swarms of colors. blue & reds all over zig-zagging tiles. there was flying, & dopplegangers. i murdered laura palmer. she had it coming. i think i did my fair share of nail-&-toothing with dale cooper, but the brother has got himself a fair shake. motherfucker's got the tibetan kung-fu mojo going down, knameen?

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