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that shadow squirmed.

today is one of those fine china days. i mean antique & i mean opium den. look closely & you can see the cracks. i mean the shattered jags of lines & the cooked up cocaine. i mean johnny chin, the head of the railroad work gang. i mean mrs. victoria d. walker, widowed. i guess i mean you all fucking take a walk of the plank me fucking hearties. its to old hob with the lot of you & your stinking metaphors.

i did all my japanese homework but missed osteology. what does that make me, responsible or a fuck up? i pick fuck up faking responsible. i'm not a good responder. fuck reaction, fuck second hand. fuck sloppy seconds. hell, i'm a sith lord, my motto is fuck everything. i slung my guns low on my hips & walked to take care of bullshit & the office was closed. i've got an eye on the clock- one of these minutes, i'm gonna march right up to the weird only-accessable-by-service-elevator 14th floor & duel it out with a department secretary. the fuck.

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