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so yesterday while i was at school; successfully at school, i might add with the chortle of the damnned- for i figured out one of my class-messes & got a hunter id card with my very own photo on it (i must be famous now!) & went to all my classes & performed almost as though i were a real boy, & i found a place that put falafal into my belly which is like a star-bellied sneech's but without a star buy with all the attendent glory....uh, wait, i'm babbling.

anyhow yesterday jenny did more painting, since it was her day off. she saw our white doors & she wanted to paint them black. also, she's been chipping the paint off of the bathroom door window, but only one side, so now it looks like this door to another dimension. its all black with a green frosty window! its exciting to be allowed to travel to diffrent dimensions. plus, i like black doorways, even though at night you can't tell whether the house has swallowed you up or vomited forth a hallway or if its just the door. actually, thats maybe why i like them so much.

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