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"bride" / doesn't know m is an actor.

here we go, caught in the harpies clutches, candles behind our heads revealing the dark blots of swarming matter. look at that lingering plural, me & all the me's, all the ruminations of psychomachia strung out end to end like mating beetles. look at the shadow swarming with maggots, the maggot-eaten shadow, the fish-belly pale moon & the moon the color of a fish's belly. i mean, look at the egg-shell color of the look at the swirl of ink the glistening of the oil slick the black of the harbinger's pea coat & the wholesomeness of the grain, look at the collapse of sound there at the end of the ellipses.

my impression of implosion. because even black wholes don't leave me impressed.

here we are sitting on the edge of this god-damnned abyss i call myself. look at me stand here monolithic in silhoutte. i could swallow you up without growing less empty. my middle fucking name is corbomite manuver. my middle fucking name is james bond must die. though today it seem like my middle fucking name is echolalia, is thought disorder. because putting one proverbial foot in front of the other is getting me nowhere, or several diffrent places all at once. one pro-verbal foot in front of the other. one psalms foot in front of the other. my middle fucking name is.

i was talking about psychomachia (but i kinda meant titanomachia too).

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