mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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i want to see you bleed from your head.

so i seethe & think about drinking martinis. these seething little martinis with human embroys instead of olives. over & over, i turn these thoughts of violence. its like spinning the fucking chamber. thanks for holding my agenda up after class you fat fucking bitch; thanks for asking alot of ignorant ass rhetorical questions so you could hopefully come off as smart. i hate you & i hate your smug attempts to assert your knowledge; you are a failure. your hooked nose does not get you goblin points. it only gives me a target for when i throw a brick into your face.

god i'm so fucking frustrated by everything in my day to day exsistance. at this given moment my face might as well be a crease. i'm like this straight razor smile. come right fucking at me.

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