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look mom, no hands, said the boy playing with the landmine.

wow, new heights. financial aid managed to fuck up while i was actually sitting there. at least the one girl knew enough to ask about what she was doing (called, literally, "building a skeleton!") & the lady that finally told me a better way to do it? couldn't be fucking bothered. she had to be pestered into telling me how to do it faster & better; thankfully my aide was unwilling to personally invest any work into my account ("building me a skeleton") so she bugged it out of her. the last time i was there, the lady who told me to get my triplicate student aid report? yeah, she was either a) a time traveler from an 1800s era accounting firm, b) a fucking sucky financial aide, or c) meat for the fucking undead cannibal revolution. i'll let you hungry hungry zombies decide. anyhow, now i've got another 3 to 5 to 7 days of waiting to do (depending on who you ask). uh, fuck you everybody, explosion, lights out, exit stage left (in the crowlian sense).

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