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i heard a church bell crack when i started firing into the sky.

so here i am with cracked leather holsters & the holsters are called THE BELT OF THE EYE. the moon is eclipsing the eye on the buckle, but the guns sit there, hanging with that tilt, a tilt like the precession of the world. a tilt where their northstar is the palm of my hands.

the gun in the left holster is THE NINE HEADED DRAGON. it is a custom job, a revolver with a wide bore & nine gaping chambers. when i say chambers i mean oublitte, i mean gaol, i mean labyrinth & maze. THE NINE HEADED DRAGON represents the occult, the guns of the obscure, & it is loaded with silver bullets.

hanging in the right holster is MEGASCALE ENGINEERING. there is no contrast to the other gun; it is nonetheless diffrent. chambers rotate but only for the gas compression to slam some liquid nitrogen into it; the magnetic coils don't heat up, superconducters that they are. its the barrel; mostly frictionless, the rifling is still there, still grabbing purchase.

still grabbing purchase.

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