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citizens of earth, are you reconciled that tonight is the last night of the world?

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE. thats a kind of noise you could hear. a king of noise you could here. look i moved my hand & what looked like a playing card turned out to be a scythe, my isn't my sleight of hand cunning. it turned out to be a dew claw jutting right out from my hand. my arn't i just the prettiest phenotype you ever did see?

did you see me devour the sun? you've got eight minutes of light left as the final, flickering rays travel through empty, etherless space to reach your world. what are you going to do with your eight minutes? because i can't imagine it. are you going into crevices, into the dark places of the world, to find your slimy kin? why is the closest thing to a human that i can really get my head around a glimpse of burrowing, underdark innsmouth folk? oh those briny sunless seas.

i support the death of earnestness, i guess.

secret life

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