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“[everything i couldn't understand was either attempted or abandoned with some parentheses, and for the purpose of my heaven-bound soul, i changed all of the "fucking" and "fuckers" into "fluffing" and "fluffers."]

so how am i feeling today? fluffing frustrated. i finally get to fluffing college after fluffing around with the subway for far too long because all the school-kids keep holding the doors open like little fluffers. & eventually i find the right office because the information lady gave me the wrong numbers for every single fluffing room i asked for. so i find it ten minutes late - no one is there. that's not so bad - i drop off my documentation, that'll get (found), i'll pick it up on monday. great, swell, thanks for playing.

door number two i can't get into. no fluffing door leads into (?) hall - all sealed off due to asbestos. i finally get into the building mostly by cutting through three other buildings. well, two other buildings. but still a lot. i find the doorway - no one is there. are there hours posted? no, no hours posted. at least the person from the multiculturalism office looks out when she hears me knocking on the door. fine, fine. yeah, i know they told me over the phone that there would be someone there and there should be a secretary there but whatever. that's just swell. but they don't even have a little drop box to put anything in.

on the plus side i did find out that brooklyn college offers the class that i could use to qualify for the whole (?) that i was going to take at hunter which might make things easier on my life just because then i don't have to mess around (omigod the rest of this sentence makes no sense). maybe i'll take both or maybe i'll take just one; it's really hard to say. so i couldn't get them to write permits or register me for the classes that i want to be in because the problem here is that brooklyn college recognizes me as a student but since (?) basically fast forwarded me, (unintelligible). i don't qualify for anything because i don't have any classes under my belt, according to them. so i have to talk to everybody and say, "no, listen, seriously, i'm so fluffing ridiculously qualified for your juniour-level class that is a joke." & then they say, "okay, well just come in. i'll tell the secretary to register you when she sees you." & i'm like, "great." & then there's no secretary. fluffers.

apart from that, i'm hungry. i was having fun writing, but i guess maybe i'll look around for places in the neighborhood that are hiring. that was kind of my plan but everywhere that i saw wasn't hiring. i poked my head in the door and i was like, "are you guys ever going to hire?" and they were like, "ha ha ha, no."

that's kind of my day so far. there was coffee. & there was asbestos. & there were these hideous rats. oh, & i invented pseudo-(too hip of a noun for me to recognise) which i might use for a good effect. hopefully. well, i bid my farewell to the campus. i wish that they would fluffing - i don't know. i guess it's my fault for thinking that places would be open at three o'clock - foolish mistake of mine.

current mood: frustrated like an unhatched atom bomb &
current music: crown me king (something resembling a band's name). that's a good song.”

Transcribed by: andme

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