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so does it get less nihilistic?
a: no.

but what the fuck do i care? as in, good vs. evil vs. uh, whatever people care about?
try me.

i've got hate & love. so uh, try that, on your sociopathic scale. i have retarded obsessive love & universal hate. ha. thats what i'm into. & i have italian shoes. that makes me want to call kingtycoon. which i did. symon? his phone is disconnected. so fuck. i don't know. i try to think about best friends sometimes. corntney comes into those conversations. i decided it would work well if cortney & me could write letters. maybe it will. i would like some regular & regulated contact with her. because uh, despite everything & whatever that happened, she's still a super favorite.

this is what my index card says:
"i'll cut your face from your skull & entertain small morbid children with the grisly spectacle"

enjoy the end of the world, suckers.

photos of me & genetic relations & jenny here

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