mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

Phone Post:

200K 0:51
“here's the thing is that what i really want to be is not so much a cowboy, as a medieval cowboy. i'm at the met and looking at all the fucking awesome weapons and stuff and i can't help but look at the spurs and want to wear them and look at all the uh lacquered guns with like (muffled) barrels and swords built in and they're just so cool and i want them. and i want to be walking around gunslingin' with medieval spurs and medieval guns... killing everyone. it'd be the greatest day, it'd be so good. uh, yeah so... i guess i'm going to a train party tonight. uh, a green train party so that'll be fun. uh alright, i got drunk on (something) gin last night and won at clue cause i'm the best at everything i do (laughs) i made a rhyme! see thats how awesome i am of a poet and i don't know it! god.”

Transcribed by: onatopofthings

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