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m, demiurge.

when i take over new york, as an ancilliary throne state, i will rename brooklyn "kings," as i think it would be better known by its county name. a whole royal flush of buroughs. is that an ace up your sleave? bang-bang i'll turn this saloon into the fucking wild bunch.

i have a hard time taking jenny's mother's worries about me too seriously. first of, she "caught" me smoking pot? two quick spins at that: wasn't she bragging about her drug history to me? & uh, she caught me smoking pot how? since i've never touched the stuff. so it is outright i guess delusion there?

& secondly. didn't we go out with intent to do some drinking? i guess i fell for that "don't think of me as your girlfriend's mother, think of me as a cool chick" schtick. but only the once. the rest of the time, with the casual dinner wine? i was always less drunk than them.

last, i just sort of think that maybe jenny's mother has too much stock placed in cosmo-quizes & internet profiles. she thinks i fit the profile of an abusive boyfriend. oh rapunzel let down your hair. enough with the meyers-brigging. i'm not a person, i'm not people. less H. sapiens & more like M. sapiens. but oh well. apparently i'm a prince in black amber. filled up to the book lungs with dinosaur juice.

so now maybe jenny in in her depressive cycle? & i'm sure that it didn't help, getting a "your boyfriend is bad news, & i worry he will kill you" talk from her mom. & i'm sure not enjoying the "i'm not sure i have the right temperment to be with you" questioning jenny did. but whatever. its rational for someone facing a serious committed relationship to question whether it is the right thing. i'm not sweating that. or at least i'm not sweating bullets over here about it.

i've been reading moby dick. i read it once a long time ago in a galaxy far far, & only remembered liking it. well i was right. i do like it, ishmael's constant refrencing to tophet & all that rot included. i've been reading alot of comics & stuff lately too; & i re-read stephen king's the gunslinger in its re-edited format.

geek-wise, i've got a game on friday. its suppposed to be first edition (1st ed.) dnd, but its mostly an audition to see if i get invited to the real game. i've been working on my races, as much as i can without really having a computer. i've got my dwarrow & my goblins pretty pinned down. i've got my ettercaps mostly ironed out, with just recently a nice revelation about ecdysisial molts hitting me. my ghouls have a nice hang to them, & my woses are coming along. the witches have a patch on the lawn, but my wights are skeletal only; they need coloured in the lines.

things with school are progressing ahead of schedule; i've been really on the ball about it. i'm a resident of new york, which is one nice surprise. no screwing around with doubled tuition. it looks, after appointments etc, that i'll be taking classess at hunter & brooklyn college both, & all those credits will be counting as kent credits.

sometimes though, things are all this ash blur. usually days unpunctuated by nights, because nights is another litany for weird nightmares. jack & the bean stalk & stranded in space. quills & barbs. mortar to pestle & grindstone & prick your finger in a spindle that turns straw to gold.
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