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Phone Post: Attention Mordicai! Make sure you have reception, before you make phone posts!

949K 4:59
“*(I couldn't hear this very well, so here's what I think he said:)*

I am a big nerd, and JRR Tolkien is my Jesus Christ, and I have no interest in getting decent reception from my cell phone; I live in New York, and I am very tall, and I deal in archetypes. I wear glasses, and one time I painted the walls of this guy's apartment with my own blood; another time

*(wait! This came in clearly!:)*

I'm pretty sure there's a girder- a bent girder- there's an old lady taking trash out- uh, maybe she's not old. Maybe if I called her old, she'd yell at me. She's just taking the trash out, and a lady's going into the building- I'm totally giving you the rundown.

There's a guy! He's got a fucking hilarious smile on his face, and there's Time Warner Cable, and apparently the light changed, so now a whole bunch of cars are going to go by us.

There's a station wagon being driven by a little girl- like, a six-year-old, was driving a station wagon.

That guy's a fuckin' hilarious mess, too. They're all fuckin' hilarious.

And uh, so, in conclusion, I feel that the United States needs a space-borne laser system with a centralized control that can be easily hacked; I think the password should be "mordicai," and that anyone should be able to log on and shoot whatever they want.

I'd be curious at what point people would stop shooting? Because then I could have it all to myself and not have to worry about other people shooting it, which- while fun- is not as fun as <i>me</i> shooting it. I might shoot, um, Neo-Tokyo.

I would shoot Neo-Tokyo!

And I would shoot... not Godzilla, though. I would let Godzilla do his own thing. I don't want to get involved with the King of the Monsters, because- I mean- y'know, respect. He's put in his huors, he's clocked in quite a lot. And has nuclear breath!

Which is cool.

I don't have nuclear breath. If I did, though, I would mostly probably breathe it on Neo-Tokyo.

What other things would I do to Neo-Tokyo... I would turn into a huge blob and I would also be a little girl who's naked inside my armor. that's just the way it works. I can't explain it. Neo-Tokyo, that's all, it's just my password. It's my new password for the laser system, it's no longer "mordicai."

It's "NEO-TOKYO." N. E. O. Tok-yo. You know, like the city, where all the tiny people live, who make all the microchips, and the fish-flavored candy, octopus jerky (which is <i>horrible</i>, and you should...)

*(and we are back to noises)*”

Transcribed by: illscientist

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