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the great fortress of magog,

refuge of the wights after their exile from ife. their expulsion from the hive of heaven, marrionetes ejected & tossed to the floor. chesire cat smiles are there, & wounded queens; toy soldier dominos & grey girls with glass knives. paisley shaped memories soaking in the phantasmagory; globulous & clinging to thoughts, rna intermingling with the memecode of the entire species. magog, wide as the width of the earth & as tall as the sky. filgree'd towers razoring against the arc of the moon.

helicopter fuel 1 oz. cut with gin to taste. dissolve finely shaved soap in mixture until saturated. set aflame & down the hatch. (here is said the alchemy of dragons. the precise chemistry of circus fire-breathers. the medicine of deep sea volcanic crack dwellers.) the professor has made a radio out of coconuts, ginger; now can you make with that blow job you promised?

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