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so i hosted thanksgiving, huh? hallelujah weapons & fire. carla & andrew & me rounded out the ohio contengent; tom, diane, shirley, & irv (the latter two being jenny's rents) & jodi & jenny were the arizona "peeps." so i guess we're all real live alligators or something in australian farms. exotic but housebroken. lets talk about broken. lets talk about how maybe love is a pretty decent glue. how it doesn't diminish my hate but rather focuses is. i mean. focus. i used to hate everything. now i hate algorithmically. like, you could know my formulae for hate, wizard. oh wizard know my name.

i toy with the idea of getting the angelic script for "mem" tattooed on my chest, right above my heart. because who i am, who am i. i'll show you sulfur, & without any nightcrawler or rotten eggs or old scratch himself.

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