mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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Phone Post:

300K 1:22
“So, I'm a big winner with the Tickled Pink <<?>> cash card. I won four dollars, which returns my initial investment, & Shirley, Jenny's mother, won a dollar on her Lucky Seven card. So I went back & I bought another Tickled Pink card with the profits, because maybe we'll win five hundred dollars or something this time. Ah.. that's the thing.. & the guy at the deli, the Sikh behind the counter, (who has really great English), was pretty excited that I was a big winner. I was going to get the crossword scratch-off puzzle, but that was two dollars, which was too rich for my wallet.
I called back a lot of bill-collectors today, & told them all my Medicaid information, & one of the operators was very convivial, & I told her as much.
Yeah but that was really close, so, I don't have so much time to talk about my life, which is actually one of my favourite things, because 'me' is top-of-the-choice when it comes down to the line.
I think we're going to have shrimp for dinner! Heh.. miniscule minutia.

There are jackals on the horizon.. they've got little foaming mouths, because they're rabid jackals (because rabies makes everything better).”

Transcribed by: bougainvillea

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