mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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Phone Post:

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“I just bought four lottery tickets; the scratch-off kind, from the deli, thinking I'm going to try to propagate a new tradition, a new Thanksgiving tradition, the day before Thanksgiving will be Lottery Ticket Day. Ah, also, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Fort Hamilton is a Hellmouth, or some sort of vortex (?), some maw of some great thing which lies beneath, which is the only explanation for why people go CRAZY, or, get their faces punched off when they go there. Or <i>try</i> to go there.

Um, so we went to Don't Tell Mama's (?) with Jenny's parents last night, and drank a lot, and Jenny's parents' friends were also at this thing, and <i>really, really</i> liked it. Ah . . . I guess we're going back there again tonight, which is funny, because you wouldn't think I'd spend so much time at a piano bar.

Um, let's see, what else hap -- ah! We totally have furniture in our apartment, which is a major change from living in an empty white space. We've four bookshelves, and I can't wait to have my books brought here, so, just enough reason to have my mother come.

Good Lord, my mother is coming.

Eventually, in a month like. And I think my sister too, which is strange because that's . . . not . . . very normal for me.

AHH . . . okay. That's the end then (?), because now I'm just thinking about ash-colored nautilus shells and whatever, and so LiveJournal has I've discovered (?).”

Transcribed by: littlewashu

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