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did you see my "goodbye forever fireworks, asshole?"

the thing is, what the fuck? i'm living with my girlfriend, whom i love? no fucking cybil could have seen that coming. when you're heaven's detritus, you get used to lonely. you learn eight diffrent ways to pronounce "sheol" & most of them are mock ups of "gaol."

so um, what. i live with this girl & she lets me see her naked sometimes. she's basically the greatest. she pushes when pushing is needed. she's super 100% hot. so what if i still get mad. the czech republic was a long time ago. issues? fuck you asshole i have a full subscription.

in frieda, they say that hitler had vision wheras stalin is just a beuracrat. man, both men are mis represented. hitler was a moron & stalin as a retard.

a.c. clarke. in the believer. read it. o9r the manuel itself.

geeks are more dangerous than any non-crim. guido. fuck the petty crimes show offs. we can engineer death to all mankind. ps, i have mad cows.

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