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re: the matrix. screw all haters.
re: dogsitting. claudio needs to go outside to the bathroom alot. it wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so embarassing about it. he pisses in the middle of the sidewalk (everytime, without fail), & does it in that boy-crouch nancydog way that splatters pee all over his paws. plus you have to tell him "go potty" before he considers doing anything. other than that & scrounging for food, everything is rosie josie.

i know that there are very strict hangun laws in new york city, but i think about that gun a lot. i've been thinking lately that maybe i need to get into black powder shooting again. nothing too "recreate"ional. just that old absinthe rhythem. measure, pour, & fire. man i also think about great white sharks a lot.

while writing about exponential number systems i start thinking about being a sword, only with opposable thumbs. jenny got ultimate x-men trade paperback #2 from the library. i like weapon x alot.

i like doc holiday alot.

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