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here are some pictures of me, some with the busted up face even. so quit your clamoring & complaining. i've got a file for these teeth.

my days are basically errands preparing for the move. wait for the plumber. run over this suit case & empty it. buy detergent. watch yu-gi-oh!. so thats what my daytimes are filled with. mostly consisting of silence & a few half mumbled conversations with clerks.

tonight we're supposed to go to amete's apartment for a little pre-party hanging out. or in our case, a little pre-bedtime hanging out, since we have to move early tommorow. i didn't figure i'd be so bummed about missing halloween. plus, jenny's all tired now, & figures she'll want to leave after being there an hour (:60) or so. i hope once we're there she gets into it a little more, because i drank coffee & everything this morning. i'm excited about socializing. when i mentioned maybe staying out later with matt or something, she got fussy. but like, i don't even mean all that late. i just don't feel like i need to be home at nine pm (9:00 post-merry halloween). we'll see how it goes.

i picked up savage species. basically i wanted a bee-line on the feats & some of the powers in there. canibalize it for my chimera & my eidolon. um, & i started reading zodiac by stephenson today.

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