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stem cell research grants me powers to fight crime.

i picked up the keys to the new apartment from the realtor today & swung by the place. first off, there were two spells on the fire escape, but i fingered the knots apart. then i found a tampon under the radiator. there was also a sprig of some spice or flower in the cabinent next to a bottle of wine vinnegar. also there was effervescing antacids measured in milligrams (mg). the shower doesn't work at all; i took apart the head, & thats not the problem. & what the fuck is the matter with me? i was almost unable to even ask for a job application at barnes & noble when i went there afterwords.

okay, so i have a sweet tooth for bad cartoons dating back to the college salad days. anyhow, i fucking can't stop watching yu-gi-oh! when its on. its like extra strength pokemon or something. they all sound so excited when they shout gibberish about ancient egypt & their duel monsters.

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