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& the cannon fire rages on but its curtains for you.

there are three (3) legs on the milkstool of my social life in an idealized world. the first (1st) is girls, or rather, girl. i've got my jenny, so that is really settled. i focus a little too much on that these days, since i'm largely lacking in the other two (2), but its a nice switch to live with the object of my affection. the second (2cnd) is gaming. i talked the other day with brian downes for a while about gaming, & i talk with kingtycoon pretty regularly, so that is a boon. i've been starting to meet gamers in new york, & that is another good sign that i'll soon have a more solid standing. & of course i have my game, which i think about entirely too much in my spare time. the third (3rd) tripod leg is rock & roll. drinking, carousing, dancing. i don't get much of that since the face-breaking. but i'm getting better, meeting people. getting out a little. if i can swing that in moderation, things will be rosey.

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