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by the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

these knives tear right through the glacis plate of any tank. chipped from my hate flake by careful flake. these knives do not show up in airports. they are not stopped by kevlar & related fabrics. the curve of ceramics does not deflect my knives; its is as inviting to them as a venus de milo ache. once within a body, they are not slowed by bone or gristle. my knives are hungry, but any blood left on them slowly evaporates, drank by the thirsty air.

the gypsy analogs in my game are the carnies, or more properly the karn. before the end of an age, karn was an island nation home too a grand cabalist empire. magic wasn't exactly commonplace, but cabalists were; they were the heads of state & government, & wrought many astonishing things. they dueled with wights for a millenia, immortalizing these arcane trysts in cards. their sorceries all but unchallanged but by the wights, the karnish people enbraced a philosophy of extreme atheism- for what need of they for gods when they themselves shape the world with their spells? but karn, like all things of the world, was dying.

for quite some time, the wizards of karn held their island together with magic; a brief interlude of necromancy saw irrevocable damage to this uphill battle. fires & earthquakes tore through the island as refugees fled to the mainland. now the island is an archipelago populated sparsely by goatherders mostly. the great capitol of kupri lies in ruins & is home to the court of the wightish princess ede. the vellic confederacy has annexed "malcy," the fabulous karnish port city built deep in the heart of the continent along a wide river, cris-crossed with canals.

the karnish people themselves found little welcome when their boats came to the mainland. the ashes of the karnish infrastructure provided some aid in the vellic church founding its theocracy, but the beuracrats themselves were nearly universally ousted. relegated to a role as second class citizens, karnish folk found themselves working at the lowest end of the economic spectrum. some karnish people, their boats stuffed with the exotica of their empire, began touring with these strange things. carnivals & circuses, filled with dancing imps & dwarrow bantams.

few knew about the last two great exodouses from karn. the first, the city of annnult, prospered. on the moon. the second, imbroglio, within the labyrinth, was over-run by horrors.

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