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well look at all that acid rain collecting in my bones. big pie slice of a day yesterday; get up bright & early, trounce yourself & sign life altering papers. walk across block after block & stand in line waiting to get a new social security card sent to you. sent to me; all these stupid "who's life is it anyways?" gags are getting old.

meet jon under a wendy's sign & we go up to his place. dinner plans have been pushed back to seven; the third party, ed, is at the compleat stratagist hawking the game module he wrote. there are discussions, me vs. jon; i finish the leauge of extraordinary gentleman volume two (vol. ii). we walk around the heights for a bit, then meet ed at joya.

the digs is swank. we sit out back. around this point i start wishing that i would have brought a coat. i order pad thai, which is seven bucks ($7.00) & fits in my mouth just fine. ed asks if i want to commute to ubercon with him; i give non-committal answers. afterwords, we walk to the riverfront & they get ice cream. we finally split ways around nine thirtyish (~9:30)

there is plenty of that "oh really you can hardly tell" when the subject of my face comes up. which is reassuring, but i almost rather you could. i can feel it; the swelling & the sutures. if you could see it, then you could assume i was hurt, not ugly. & when i got tired after walking around all day, even though for most people it was not hardly strenuous? it wouldn't be weird.

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