mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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the low hills of folklore.

only kingtycoon came out & said how much skinnier i look now. i dropped a little more than twenty pounds (20 lbs) of muscle mass. its great to slide towards sickly & skinny. you know, when i was still in utero, i was almost killed by a serpentine umbilical cord; i had to be c-sectioned out. i feel like i was almost a miscarried fetus named chappie. lets all shake our fists at heaven. lets all lock & load & shoot our guns at heaven. lets all experiment at los alamos & rain nuclear fire on heaven. lets all be involved in
nanotechnology experiments at carnegie melon in 2008 & send microscopic shredders to heaven. lets all invent an affordable way to create large quantities of antimatter in 2009 & send high-yield slug-combinations to heaven.

i've got nothing but this mouthful of frustrated venom.

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