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somebody get that man a $100 ice cream cone.

one thing i do approve of is that people die. inevitably, nearly everone dies. its a cold fucking comfort that when somebody is pissing me the hell off, i can think "at least they will be dead, relatively soon."

i'm kind of happy with some of the innovations i've been incorporating into my d20 stuff. i need some sheherezhad action though, maybe? i thought about making some kind of ifit race or something, but it wasn't doing. closest i got was to inventing the monkir goblin fluke. give me tusks or give me death! things are a little bit european at first blush, though i try to make enough subtle refrences to more universalized stories.

all in all, i'm really pleased with the poison-candy kind of faerietale verdigris thats painting the whole thing. i've been tweaking & tightening some of the bits i have done already for balance & for better flavor; for instance, hobgoblins can now use intimidate instead of bluff when making a Feint check. how is that for fucking sexy?

i do have to finish up the classes, & get them gleaming. thats all still in the very roughest phase though; its a feather pillow i punch into diffrent shapes. overtime, i've been finding that my intentions pan out in less invasive ways then i first thought they would; thats good, because it shows that i'm not stressing the framework of the rules too badly. though i'm sure things will go through other incarnations, its just enjoyable to watch the crucible of my mind at work.

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