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oh, & so on sunday i went to see how the new gaming group would be.
thats not a mistake i'll make again. how to really catalouge the troubles we had? first off, the dm nixed anything but basic players handbook class & race combinations. thats no big deal, though i wanted to play a wild elf instead of a high elf, & a apprentice level multi-class character. still, that is easily within his perogative. but then? he wanted to talk about backgrounds, supposedly. which basically led to him latching onto niggling, minor plot points, & then using them to dm fiat us into a silly situation. you know, the whole "now you have to listen to the mighty wizard Exposition while he sends you on a mission."

after that, he ran us through sunless citidal, which was sad, at the very best blush. first off; all of us, every single one, either owned or has gone through that dungeon. hasn't everyone, at this point? if you want to ask us which sci-fi fictions we like so we don't notice you stealing from them, fine, but uh...ask us maybe which pre-made modules we'd played, too? secondly; even during antonio's old-fashioned hack n' slash campaign, when we first ran the module? with the tremendous kegtapper brothers as played by kingtycoon & i? it still took four or five (4 or 5) sessions of play to finish up. we did the entire thing in four hours (4:00). there was discouragement to playing. it was a bad scene.

afterwords, the players all went to neutral grounds, & some of us got indian. we're all hip to each other. dora decided that someone should tell the dm that we all had basically decided to stop coming; i thought that was hillarious. after she called me neutral evil (+5 geek points), it fell to jon to fill him in. those poor bastards. anyhow, i do like the players i met up with. so that is something.

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