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so a few intresting things have been happening the last couple of days. i guess the most exciting thing is that we found an apartment, jenny n' me. so finally we can settle down to old man vs. old ball & chain, & i can quit talking about her all the time. no, but the first place we looked at? blech. it was like those dressier, condo/hotel dormitories college kids get conned into. like, engleman hall all over. the place we ended up getting is in park slope, & is like the little sister of jenny's apartment now, with the same molding on the walls & everything. it even has a little grotto for a statue of lord shiva nataraja. & a fire-escape; i didn't realize it before, but i think i want all apartments ever from now on to have fire-escapes. though i will never use the fire escape as a "second exit" in case of fire. or ninjas. or other emergencies, like sugar-highs.

currently we're drinking fortiez (40'z) in celebration. though the bastard at the gas station wouldn't front me a quarter ($.25)! so it colt 45 (does it everytime) instead.

i guess i was awfully paranoid while waiting for approval. somehow i passed a routine credit check? which is fucking nice. because um...i bet my credit rating isn't what they call "untarnished." now, i may see those "evictions" as a nice verdigris, sort of the spice of life, but i imagined that others might have a diffrent point of view. anyhow, it wasn't more than a few hours after we told the broker that we wanted the place that we heard back that they wanted us. the moral of this story is: with enough parachutes, even falling can work out.

in other news, i've been tweaking my elves pretty substantially, but mostly in ways that are precursors to some of the overhauls i have in mind for them. & i invented a new race, the imps. they are fey, & small! in a big way, i guess they're my homage to clive staples (c.s.) lewis & changeling. they basically look like nockers, complete with big eyebrows, on top of cloven hooves. could i resist? the answer is no. then, cloak & dagger for the malakim!

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