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i also picked up the fiend folio. my initial reaction is "eh," but my initial reaction to any of the monster manuals is low key. but then i start picking through them, i find monsters i like, or powers that seem useful or adaptable, or whatever. i really like the half-illitid template, for instance, & i especially like the cenotaphic lizardman. it makes me start thinking of innsmouth. only my dagon & tiamat is the piscene heirophant, far below the salt desert of sheham. so the motor turns over in my brain; the immaculate psychopomps of days passed are buried in entire cities, like the kings of the andes. overseen by the lingering offspring of their palace servents. so our faithful adventurers go to the ghost city, expecting the undead? but get fish-lizard-mindflayer men crawling up from corrupted wells.

like mm i & ii, i will eventually start seeing this as a pretty solid breeding ground of ideas. also, as random stat blocks that i can throw a diffrent description on & use to molest players with. i do sort of wish they could make a book just made of lists of monster powers with like, lots of diffrent artists drawing lots of evocative monster. thats what i essentially use these books for, anyhow. though yeah, i guess once upon a time, a wee tyke m would have found this useful (also, contemplated killing everyone). so i can't fault the way they do it; you've gotta cater to both sides of the fence as best you can.

oh, certain technical things are really nice & geek affirming. level adjustments help clarify CRs, etc. lots more things have ECLs, & they are starting to take the time to explain a little bit as to why the yuan-ti anathema (did someone say jungle cult?), for instance, is such a high fucking ECL. the full attack/attack is broken down to nuts & bolts, as is the AC (into touch, flat footed).

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